Introducing The Lab

As an important part of vdwoerd we will frequently post our creative coding experiments on our homepage and on The Lab – things that can be implemented in future projects. We love to play with code, data, form and sound, and like to share this. Please stay tuned.

Homepage: The Shredder – only on desktop: drag your own image into the frame (jpg or png), compose with dragging the mouse, push te spacebar to download your composition.

Time to setup our new website

Thanks to the break that social distancing is giving us, we found time to develop our new website. Six years have passed since the last edits on and a lot has happened during this time, as you can see in our catalogue.
Since the talented Rein van der Woerd (1997) is joining we changed our name to vdwoerd2, with creative coding and interaction design as additional disciplines. We both love to adopt new skills and look for new dimensions to create contemporary and meaningful form with impact, for all platforms.
We hope this global crisis will pass soon and in the mean time we serve clients in the best way we can to get through this and beyond.

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A font based on Reaction Diffusion

The final outcome of my research into Reaction Diffusion for the course Designing Programmes at ArtEZ. I started out with the surprising Photoshop method of Reaction Diffusion: Gaussian Blur, Sharpen and High Pass filters, repeated over and over. I then discovered that OPENRNDR’s EdgesWork filter can achieve similar effects. I applied this to a typeface, vectorised it and converted it into a proper font using Fontself for Illustrator.

Work in progress: Beethoven Year 2020 – album, websites and posters

We are working on several projects during the Beethoven 250 year: Pianist Jacob Bogaart will release an anniversary 2-cd album with Beethoven Symphony #3 and #4. The album will be presented on a new website / Concertgebouw de Vereeniging in Nijmegen announced a concert serie with the New Zealand String Quartet performing the complete Beethoven string quartets / LUDWIG brings The Dark Side of Beethoven with Tabita Berglund conductor and Marie-Ange Nguci piano.

Animated noise patterns rendered in plain text

Release party for ‘Bass ad Libitum’ the new album by Olivier Thiery

On Saturday 1st of February Olivier Thiery performed a presentation concert, together with pianist Martijn Willers at the magnificent house of Han De Vries in the Vondelpark.
His new album Bass ad Libitum with works by Glière, Bottesini and Ravel, is available now at



Album Lugubre Gondola - Alissa Firsova
If Music be the Food of Love
Ludwig Orchestra
Open Day Platform C
Tjeerd Top - Fragile
Nicolas van Poucke
Nuala McKenna
Olivier Thiery
Julia Tom
Camiel Boomsma
Netherlands Bach Society
Julia Tom website
Platform Circuleren
Food waste challenge
PRJCT Amsterdam – Nicht Mehr Hier
WaterWalks – an exploration of the rivers of the world
PRJCT Amsterdam
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The Peaceful Atom
Camiel Boomsma website
Rotterdam Philharmonic Orchestra
Maarten Engeltjes | PRJCT Amsterdam
Olivier Thiery – Bass ad libitum
Recercare Coaching
Lucie in het Klooster
Music Stages branding & website
Forgotten Arias
Alma Quartet - Dvorák Haas Beethoven
Camerata RCO - Melancholia
Thomas Beijer - Brahms, Beethoven
Nicolas & Ella van Poucke - Beethoven
IJ-Salon - Dvorák 7
Compassie - Iván Fischer
Camerata RCO – Mahler 4
Merel Vercammen, Dina Ivanova – Symbiosis
Anastasia Feruleva, Frank van de Laar – Ballets Russes
Nicolas van Poucke – Chopin Piano Sonates 2 & 3
Thomas Beijer – Mozart Piano Concertos
Tomas Beijer – Music for the Mourning Spirit
Camerata RCO – Schubert Octet
Ingrid Geerlings – Any way the wind blows
Dirk Fock – Songs and Sketches
Ingrid Geerlings
Jacob Bogaart – The art of Dutch keyboard music
Anastasia Feruleva
Frank van Koten – English oboe concertos
Camerata RCO – Salon (presque sans violon)
Atelierroute Amstelveen 2019
Ludwig - Barbara Hannigan
La Caracola
Anastasia Feruleva – cello
Platform C
Olivier Thiery – double bass
Nuala McKenna – cello
Karel Deseure – conductor | Nicolas van Poucke
Anastasia Feruleva - Frank van de Laar
Gutman records
Jacob Bogaart – pianist
Cultuureducatie Amstelland
Cultuurpunt Aalsmeer
Nigunim Klezmer Ensemble – Sjotn
Nationale Koren
La Roseta website
Future Food Proof
Jacob Bogaart
Natacha Kudritskaya – Satie, Ravel, Debussy, Rameau
Karel Deseure
Alissa Firsova – Lugubre Gondola
Drowned Land
Past Present Future
Back Stages
Thomas Beijer - Iberia Albéniz
Ludwig at Home
Stage - various clients
Klaas Stok
Kent Moussault
Klezmer Ensemble Nigunim
Jaap van Zweden
Ludwig Wind Blowers
Jules Buckley
Yannick Nézet Séguin
Gregory Porter portraits
L'escola students
Lahav Shani
Nationaal Vrouwen Jeugdkoor

Portfolio 1994 – 2015 is available on our previous website (Dutch).