Gutman Records

Gutman Records produces high quality chamber music recordings by internationally renowned musicians. Stichting Gutman Records is a Dutch foundation which was founded in loving memory of Peisach (Polek) and Sara (Ala) Gutman and Tosia Scheltema-Gutman. The personal taste and wishes of the performing artists is taken very seriously by Gutman Records, a label created by and for musicians.

The Amsterdam Piano Series organized by Gutman Records, started in the season 2017-2018 in the Amsterdam Royal Concertgebouw featuring the piano and pianists in a leading role. It presents a varied program for a broadly interested audience.



Open Day Platform C
PRJCT Amsterdam – Nicht Mehr Hier
L'escola website
If Music be the Food of Love
Beethoven String Quartets
Platform Circuleren
Tjeerd Top - Fragile
PRJCT Amsterdam
Camiel Boomsma website
Ludwig websites
Drowned Land
Past Present Future
WaterWalks – an exploration of the rivers of the world
Julia Tom website
Platform C De Stijl
Lucie in het Klooster
Olivier Thiery – Bass ad libitum
Merel Vercammen, Dina Ivanova – Symbiosis
Cultuureducatie Amstelland
Recercare Coaching
Atelierroute Amstelveen 2019
Jacob Bogaart – pianist
Gutman records | Nicolas van Poucke
Karel Deseure – conductor
Nuala McKenna – cello
Alma Quartet - Dvorák Haas Beethoven
Olivier Thiery – double bass
Alissa Firsova – Lugubre Gondola
Natacha Kudritskaya – Satie, Ravel, Debussy, Rameau
Thomas Beijer - Brahms, Beethoven
Anastasia Feruleva – cello
Ingrid Geerlings – Any way the wind blows
Nicolas van Poucke – Chopin Piano Sonates 2 & 3
Nicolas & Ella van Poucke - Beethoven
Camerata RCO – Schubert Octet
Nationale Koren
Dirk Fock – Songs and Sketches
Tomas Beijer – Music for the Mourning Spirit
Anastasia Feruleva, Frank van de Laar – Ballets Russes
Music Stages branding & website
Frank van Koten – English oboe concertos
Jacob Bogaart – The art of Dutch keyboard music
Thomas Beijer – Mozart Piano Concertos
La Roseta website
La Caracola
Brochure Platform C
Platform C
Food waste challenge
Nigunim Klezmer Ensemble
Camerata RCO – Salon (presque sans violon)
Camerata RCO – Mahler 4
Back Stages
Compassie - Iván Fischer
IJ-Salon - Dvorák 7
Camerata RCO - Melancholia
Forgotten Arias
Cultuurpunt Aalsmeer
Julia Tom - cover photography
Kent Moussault portfolio
Camiel Boomsma – Music's Innermost Side
Nicolas van Poucke – cover photography
Portfolio 1994 – 2012 is available on our previous website (Dutch).